VARACHET FORTE - amitraz - 6.5ml - fumigant strips FOR BEES

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VARACHET-FORTE is applied by fumigations through urdinis to all bee families in the apiary. The fumigating cardboard tape will fold longitudinally to ensure air circulation and thus complete combustion of the tape. The drug , in liquid form , is taken with a pipette with which it drips onto the cardboard strip, with the distance between the drops. It is recommended that the strips be lit at both ends. Immediately after the introduction of the lit strip (without flame), the urdinis closes for 15-20 minutes. We draw attention to the fact that the temperature developed during the burning of the cardboard tape can reach 300 - 400º C. The treatment is done with special care by placing the fumigating strips on wire nets or pieces of sheet metal to avoid lighting (burning) the hive or the pavilion. Due to the fact that they work with fire, the beekeepers who own the pavilions must have during the treatment the means of fire extinguishing. Potential fires can only occur by the exclusive mistake of the beekeeper. Owners of mobile or stationary pavilions will not enter them until after a careful ventilation of them. After treatment, the beekeeper will not sleep in the pavilion, at least 24 hours.


Dosage of the number of drops:

- 2 drops for a multi-storey hive body
- 3 drops for a Dadant hive body
- 5 drops for a horizontal hive body.

The number of recommended drops relates to the space occupied by the bee family. If, after the last 2 administrations, the families have already been restricted for wintering or diaphragmed with a totally dividing diaphragm, then the amount of VARACHET-FORTE relates to the new space occupied by the bee family. E.g. 1 drop for 1/2 multistage, 2 drops for 2/3 Dadant body and 3 drops for 1/2 drops for horizontal body. When there are 2 families in a horizontal hive, each one will be given 3 drops of VARACHET-FORTE. The treatments will be applied only when the outside temperature is above 12º C and the bees are not tight in the ball. Treatments are applied when most of the bees were in the hive (in the morning or at dusk).