20 grams BAYER K-OTHRINE WG 250 INSECTICIDE flies, mosquitoes, fleas, lice, bugs, mites, cockroaches, scissors, book lice, ants

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Type a description for this product here...K-OTHRINE WG 250 20g - Insect oil form in aqueous emulsion for treatment of type and shape ULV atomization cold mist.Piretrous insecticide, deltamethrin with the active site, an isomer with proven effectiveness in the destruction of the harmful insects.It is conditioned into a special form of hydrodispersible granules, increasing the shelf life, and is offered to users in a single-pack for easy and cost-effective use.It is biodegradable, has high photostability, does not stain, leaves traces after application, is not flammable and is sold in recyclable packaging.K-OTHRINE WG 250 special findings effective against the whole spectrum of harmful bugs: cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, lice, bugs, mites, cockroaches, scissors, book lice, ants etc.Because of the strong concentration of active substance (deltamethrin) and its quality is recommended by the World Health Organization for residual application with increased persistence against all carriers of transmissible diseases (meningitis, malaria, etc.)It is recommended to be used in enclosed environments, either in their crates, industrial, commercial, domestic, or protected maximum hygiene spaces (schools, hospitals, food industry, pharmaceutical industry)WG OTHRINE K-250 acts as a contact and ingestion, extremely fast penetrating the protective layer of chitin insects, paralyzing their nervous system and causing their death.Composition: 100 gr K-OTHRINE WG 250 containing deltamethrin 25 g (25%) ~ 250 g / Kg. Co-formulants: up to 100 gr.Packing: pre-measured 20g sachets (single dose).WG OTHRINE K-250 has a 10 to 12-week stand-by time, depending on the type of road surface and applies to its cleaning.Targeted treatments cockroaches, caterpillars, fleas, ticks, bugs, ants, flies, mosquitoes, wasps.