7-in-1 Computer Keyboard Cleaner Brush Kit Dust Removal Set

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Product Description:

This is a multi-functional cleaning pen, with a high-density brush, easy to clean the dirt in the sound hole and other parts of the earphone, the metal pen tip can clean the stubborn dust and helps clean the gap thoroughly.

It comes with a built-in handle, so you can hold the top of the flocked sponge and turn it to the pull-down. It has small details that when combined, give off great functions and the product is more refined.

It has delicate and soft flannel cleaning wipes and cleaning brushes that can clean the dust on the camera keyboard headphones wireless charging box without damaging the product components and holes.

The keyboard and headphone cleaning pen set meets a wide range of cleaning needs and is suitable for digital products such as Bluetooth headsets, headphones, mobile phones, computers, cameras, etc.



Product Specification:

Color: Blue, Pink

Material: ABS

Size: 143*44*28mm

Weight: 85g

Function: Keyboard Cleaner



Package Inclusion:

1 x Laptop cleaner set box

1 x Large high-density brush

1 x Fibre fleece swipe

1 x Earphone cleaning pen (include Silica gel tip, flock sponge and mini high-density brush)

1 x Key puller

1 x Spray bottle (empty)