CANIVERM Junior 0.175g All Wormer For Dog and Cat 100 Tablets

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Type a description for this product here... CANIVERM Mode of Action:Fenbendazole is received orally by worms and blocks polymerization tubulinei, structural protein inside the axon of the nerve cell, thus affecting the absorption and tansport functions of cells in the parasite. Pyrantel works as an antagonist on cholinergic nicotine receptors in glands, which leads to spastic neuro-muscular paralysis of the worms. Praziquantel increases the permeability of cell membranes for calcium ions, which leads to muscle contractions of the parasite. Indications: Diseases caused by round and worms in dogs, cats, felines and Canidae. (Toxocara canis, Toxocara, Toxascaris Leonina, Stenocephala Ancylostoma, caninum Foxes, Trichuris Echinococcus, Granulosus Echinococcus, Multilocularis Dipylidium, Caninum spp.., Taenia Multiceps, Multiceps spp.). Contraindications: Eye Cistercoza and Spinal, neurocysticercosis, hepatic dysfunction. Administration: The drug will be administered in single doses. The tablets are administered directly or embedded in the feed of the animal. No diet required. Dose: Puppies, small dogs and cats:-1 tablet 0.175 g/0.5 – 2 kg body weight or ½ tablet 0.7 G-2 tablets 0.175 g/2 – 5 kg bodyweight. Medium Dogs:-1 tablet 0.7 g or 4 tablets 0.175 g/5 – 10 kg body weight. Large dogs or large carnivores:-1 tablet 0.7 g for every 10 kg weight.Precautions: In chickens it is recommended to administer the preparation starting at the age of 3 weeks and then regularly every 3 months.