DEXA KEL -DEXAMETHAZONE 50ml Antiallergy for Horses, cattle, goats, swine, dogs and cats

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Type a description for this product here... 4. Indications   In allergic states, anaphylactic shock, anazarcă, furbură, urticaria, anaphylactic oedema, Myoglobinuria, toxic states, in the stress of transport, in toxic hepatitis, in arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis and tenosynovitis, in Astmatiforme states, postoperatively, for Reduction of inflammatory reactions in horses, bovines, goats, swine, dogs and cats.   5. Contraindications   Do not administer to animals in the second half of pregnancy (may cause abortion) or those with infectious diseases and with cardiac or kidney disease.   6. Adverse Reactions   High doses and prolonged treatment can cause adrenal insufficiency, depression of immunity with favor of infections.   7. Target species   Horses, cattle, goats, swine, dogs and cats.   8. Doses for each species, pathways and way of administration   Inject only intramuscularly. Doses per day and animal are as follows:   -Adult and equine bovine animals: 10 ml for 1-2 days.   -Goats, calves and swine: 1-3-5 ml, one administration;   -Dogs: 0.5-1 ml, one administration;   -Cats: 0.25-0.5 ml, one administration.   In Acute cases you can increase the dose twice.   9. Recommendations on correct administration   It is advisable to administer anti-infectious therapy during treatment with Dexametarom Forte.   10. Waiting time   Meat: 21 days (horses, cattle), 8 days (goats), swine (3 days)   Milk: 2 days after the last treatment.