DUFAMEC 50ml 1% Ivermectine for Cattle, swine, sheep, dogs and cats -NOROMECTIN alternative

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Type a description for this product here... Declaration of ACTIVE substances and other ingredientsActive substance-ivermectin. -1 ML solution contains 10 mg ivermectin. IndicationsBovines: gastrointestinal nematodes, pulmonary parasites, ocular parasites, scabies, ecto-parasites.Swine: gastrointestinal nematodes, pulmonary parasites, scabies, Ectoparaziti.Sheep: Psorioptic (the sheep), gastrointestinal nematodes, pulmonary parasites and nasal brian.Dogs: Gastrointestinal nematodes, infectious-stage parasites with cardiac localization, microfilaria, arthropod and ear.Cats: gastrointestinal nematodes and pulmonary parasites. Target speciesCattle, swine, sheep, dogs and cats. Dosage and Administration modeFor subcutaneous administrations:Bovine animals: 1 ml per 50 kg g. V.Swine: 1 ml per 33 kg G.V.Sheep: 0.5 ml per 25 kg G.V.Do not administer during the lactation period.Dogs and cats: 0.1 ml per 5 kg G.V. Waiting periodMeat: 49 days – bovine animals; 28 Days – Swine; 21 Days – sheep; PrecautionsAvoid concomitant prolonged use with other medications. Do not use in milk-producing cows intended for human consumption or in cows 28 days prior to fatality. Do not use in other species which could result in severe adverse reactions. Do not use in Collie dogs.