ECZEMTRAT 60cp Antiallergy DEXAMETHAZONE 2mg For Dog, Cat , Pigeons

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Type a description for this product here... Product indications is recommended for dogs, cats, salesmen pigeons and ornamental in the treatment of allergic eczema, in chronic hepatic impairment, in stress, arthritis, in the ear of the external pavilion of the ears. It can also be used in the case of parasitic eczema, but only after etiological treatment to ensure the destruction of the parasite.   Contraindications and Precautions   Animals with allergy to any of the active substances shall not be treated.   Dogs and cats will not be given to animals under the age of 6 months, or during the vaccination period because it has immunosuppressive effect.   Side effects   High doses and prolonged treatment can cause adrenal insufficiency, depression of immunity with favor of infections.   Target species   The product is given to dogs, cats, salesmen pigeons and ornaments.   Administration and dosages for each species   In dogs and cats, the daily dose of 1 tablet/10 kg live weight, divided into two halves, is given in the food. After 7 days, the treatment is interrupted, making a 15-day break.   Pigeons are given individually 1 CPR./kg weight/day for 1-5 days.   Recommendations for correct administration   It is advisable to administer anti-infectious therapy during treatment with Dexametarom Forte.   Waiting time   In animals intended for slaughter for meat 21 (horses, cattle), 8 days (goats), swine (3 days) days, and in animals for milk production 2 days after the last treatment.