ENTEROGUARD 40cp Metronidazole forDogs, cats, cage birds , pigeons

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Type a description for this product here... 4. Indications   Enteroguard M tablets are used to prevent and combat primary and secondary enteropathies, products of bacteria and protozoa in dogs, cats, minks, ferrets, cage birds and loft (salesmen pigeons and ornament, canaries, parrots, peacocks , ornamental pheasants).   5. Contraindications   The administration of Enteroguard M is prohibited at palmipeds (Mandarin Duck) and in young people under the age of 4 weeks.   Do not administer to pigeons and pheasants destined for human consumption.   6. Adverse Reactions   Not found.   7. Target species   Dogs, cats, minks, ferrets and cage birds and loft.   8. Doses for each species, pathways and way of administration   In dogs, cats, minks, ferret for curative treatment, is used as such or as a suspension, the dose of 1 tablet/3 kg body weight/day for 3 consecutive days.   In Cage birds and loft, in the curative treatment Enteroguard M tablets are used in powder form, after a prior shredding, calculating 1/2 tablet/1.25 kg bodyweight/day, respectively 1/4 tablet for 0.5-0.6 kg body weight /day for 5 days. Sugar contributes to the corijarea of taste and the adherence of the drug to the seed.   The anti-stress and preventive treatments are done with half the curative doses for 5 days.   In all cases it is recommended that treatments with Enteroguard M are associated with the administration of vitamins.   9. Recommendations on correct administration   In Cage birds and loft The dose of the medicine is smooth with powdered sugar and stir with a little umectată food, especially when using seeds.