IVER-MITE OTIC 7,5ml , Otic solution against EAR SCABIES for Dog and Cat

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Type a description for this product here... Indications   In the control and treatment of ear scabies.   Mode of Use   Clean the ear of the animal with a cerumenolitică-Otto cleans solution. 2-5 drops of the product and gently massage the base of the ear, thus favouring the direct contact of the medicine-Ectoparazit. After a few minutes the excess product is removed by easy buffering with hydrophilic wool. 4 treatments are administered every 3 days or on the veterinarian's recommendation.   Contraindications and Precautions   Do not use in the treatment of parasitosis in hypersensitive animals. Do not administer ivermectin chickens under 2 months, convalescent or weakened animals. Do not use in the Collie and its half-breeds (due to potentially toxic side effects), the breed being very sensitive.   Do not administer in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients. may be used during pregnancy and lactation. Although it is generally well tolerated, ivermectin may cause unpleasant side effects if the administered dose is very high. Symptoms of overdose or toxicity of the medicinal product include: tremor, unsafe gait, prevented, temporary blindness, dilated pupils, disorientation, weakness, lack of appetite, vomiting, abundant salivation, difficulty breathing or And generally occur 12 hours after administration.   Waiting time   That's not the case.