IVOMEC Plus for Cattle

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1 ml solution for injection contains:
Ivermectin .................10 mg.
Clorsulon ..................... 100 mg.
Excipient, q.s.ad ........... 1 ml.


Treatment of infestations with:
Gastrointestinal nematodes (adult , L3, L4 , inhibiting stages):
– Ostertagia spp. – Bunostomum spp.
– Haemonchus spp.
– Toxocara spp.
– Trichostrongylus spp.
– Trichocephalus spp.
– Cooperia spp.
– Oesophagostomum spp.
– Nematodirus spp.
– Chabertia spp.
– Strongyloides spp.
Pulmonary nematodes: Dictyocaulus spp.
Trematodes (adult and immature): Hepatic fasciola and gigantic Fasciola.
Scabies: Sarcoptes scabies var bovis, choroptes bovis and psoroptes bovis.
Entomosis: Hypoderma bovis (larval stages), Hypoderma lineatum (larval stages).
Ectoparasitei: Linognatus vituli,Haematopinus eurystemus, Damalinia bovis,Ticks.The product has through its two components – ivermectin and chlorsulone – a wide spectrum of activity that includes: gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes (adults, larva 3 and 4 and latent), trematodes (adults and immatures), mites and insects.
Ivermectin acts by increasing the permeability of the cell membrane to chlorine ions with hyperpolarization of nerve or muscle cells, causing paralysis and death of the parasite; it also causes the secretion of gamma aminobutyric acid at the level of the nerve synapses of the parasite, thus leading to the interruption of the nerve impulse. Chlorosulon acts on trematodes, both in immature and mature forms, by inhibiting the enzymes in the glycolytic cycle.

Target species: cattle

Dosage and administration:

Ivomec Plus is inoculated strictly subcutaneously in cattle at a dose of 1 ml per 50 kg of body weight, respectively 0.2 mg of ivermectin and 2 mg of chlorsulon per kg of body weight.
Avoid inoculating an amount of more than 10 ml Ivomec Plus in one place.

Waiting time:

Meat and organs: 66 days

Milk: not to be used in animals during lactation or 28 days before calving if the milk is intended for human consm.

Presentation: bottle x 50ml, bottle x 500ml

Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Germany