Jade Eye Mask Reusable 100% Natural Green Facial Stone Mask for Hot & Cold Anti-Aging Therapy

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Product Description:

This revitalizing jade cooling eye mask made of 100% real jade aventurine-A symbol of hope and vitality, naturally cool perfect for women men to any skin care (or self-care) routine! Studies have shown that cold therapy is effective in Migranian relief, helps alleviate pain and headaches.

This revitalizing jade cooling eye mask is the perfect finish to any skin care (or self-care) routine! The eye mask for women and men is naturally cool to the touch and provides instant relaxation. Our jade eye face mask is the perfect end to a long and busy day.

The coolness and weight of our anti-aging eye mask encourages cell metabolism and relaxes facial muscles and skin so you can look your best no matter your stress! Our cold eye mask serves as an eye puffiness reducer and can also help to reduce wrinkles and redness.

Looking for natural headache relief? Our jade migraine eye mask can be used either heated or cooled to relieve pain and stress. Stick the mask in the refrigerator before use and let the cold stone provide natural migraine relief while you relax. Slightly heated, the warm eye mask can also help to eliminate congestion and relieve sinus issues.

Lay the jade eye mask for puffiness over your eyes, kick your feet up, and relax! Flip the mask upside down and lay it over your mouth and jaw as a jade face mask for even more tension relief. To clean, simply wipe the jade facial tools with a damp cloth and look forward to your next cold therapy eye mask experience.

This cooling eye mask is great healthy gift to friends or family on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, etc.

Product Specification:

Color: Green

Weight: 250g

Style: A, B

Material: Xiuyu 

Size: A - 20.3 x 8.4cm, B - 24.2 x 9.5cm

Function: Jade Eyelid Facial Colling Massage Eye Mask 

Package Inclusion:

1 x Jade Eye Mask