Magic 3D Printing Pen for Kids DIY Pen with LED Display and Filaments

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Relieve yourself from the worries of your children drawing on the walls around your house. Have fun and create realistic designs and textures with your kids with this fun 3D Printing Pen. Unlike the traditional pen, this 3D Pen is safe and suitable for children, without the mess coming from the ink that is hard to clean up.

This 3D pen has an upgraded spinal structure to make sure that the pen is not falling off. It also heats up from the inside, which is more stable and faster.

It has an upgraded integrated motherboard that enables the tip to heat faster than other 3D Pens available in the market.

This 3D Pen is equipped with an LED Display that shows the temperature of the pen which you can adjust according to your liking.

With this pen’s One-key Return/Discharge, you only have to press a single button to make the pen discharge melted filament making it easy to use for both kids and adult to express their artistic nature.

This pen has a One-key to Adjust Speed function which enables you to adjust the speed to your convenience. This function is great for doing projects with intricate designs.

This 3D printing pen is a suitable tool for school, maker lab or hands-on event. We recommend it for kids and adults 10 years old and above. This item is also a good idea for gift giving for various occasions.



·         It is strictly forbidden to knock the tip of the pen onto hard objects.

·         It is strictly forbidden to insert the foreign object into the feed hole or the tip of the pen.

·         This is an electronic device, do not get it wet.

·         Do not touch the tip of the pen and the heating parts during usage.

·         Please place it in a safe position after use, in case the child contained in the mouth or touch to play.

·         Please read the product instructions carefully before use.


Product Specification:

Material: ABS

Color: Blue, Purple, Yellow, Pink

Dimension: 190*30*45mm

Weight: 60g

Working Temperature: 10-35C

Age: for 10 y/o and above

Power Supply: 5v, USB


Package Inclusion:

1 * 3D Pen

1 * Pen Stand

1 * Charging Cable

1 * PLA Filament(color random)

1 * User Manual