Magnetic Moon Lamps

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Introducing our Magnetic Moon Lamps – where enchanting ambiance meets cutting-edge technology! These New 3D Printing LED Night Lights are not just lamps; they're a captivating blend of creativity, innovation, and a touch of magic. Elevate your space with the mesmerizing allure of our Touch Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamps, the perfect gift for those who appreciate the extraordinary.

Fast Transportable Levitating Moon Lamp – A futuristic touch to your bedroom decor or table, this lamp is more than just a lighting solution. It's a conversation starter, a mood-setter, and a uniquely magnetic addition to any room.

Product Description:

Illuminate your space with the soft and smooth LED light of our Touch Magnetic Levitation 3D Lights. These moon lamps are not just decorative; they are crafted using innovative 3D printing technology, layer by layer, to faithfully recreate the moon's true appearance. The moon light continuously revolves in space, inspiring wonder and amazement, creating a perfect high-tech vibe.

- PLA material extracted from corn stalks for an eco-friendly touch.
- Wireless transmission tech allows the moon light to float above the base, powered through the air via induction.
- Lights controlled by the touch of a button for a seamless experience.
- High-efficient wireless charging eliminates the need for charge cables.
- A delightful gift for your loved ones on various occasions.

- Base color: Dark color, Light color (optional)
- Material: PLA
- Color: White
- Diameter: 140mm
- Light source type: LED
- Light color: White, warm white, yellow (adjustable)
- Lamp power: 3W
- Suspension distance: 15mm

Enhance your living space with the ethereal beauty of our Magnetic Moon Lamps – because a touch of magic belongs in every home. Illuminate your world with wonder!