Mini Doorbell , M8 smart Doorbell , HD image, wi-fi , capture image when doorbell pressed, night vision

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The M8 smart video doorbell is a high-quality and innovative device that allows you to constantly monitor your home or office. This doorbell connects to the WiFi network via mobile phone, so you can easily access video recordings and live streaming from anywhere, anytime. The M8 has a built-in HD camera that captures sharp and detailed images. Thanks to the 1080P image resolution, crystal clear images and videos are displayed on your mobile phone. The infrared night vision function allows you to clearly see the content recorded by the camera even in the dark.
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This doorbell is not only used for recording video recordings, but also provides the possibility of voice conversations. When someone visits your home or office, you can easily use the mobile app to connect and interact with the doorbell. The built-in battery allows for longer operating time, and the charging option ensures that it is always ready for use. The M8 smart video doorbell has an elegant and compact design in black and white. Easy to install and use, it is ideal for both homes and offices. Contents of the package: 1 USB indoor unit 1 outdoor unit 1 outdoor unit adhesive sticker 1 instruction manual The package does not include batteries for the outdoor unit! Discover a new level of smart home security and comfort with the M8 smart video doorbell and enjoy the peace of mind and surveillance that this high-quality device provides!