Multifunctional Mini Handheld Cordless Car Vacuum- USB Charging

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Product Description:

This handheld vacuum cleaner uses an 80W high-power motor where the suction power exceeds 4500pa. This car vacuum is equipped with a smart design, enabling it to clean small areas such as cabinets and kitchen drawers. It can also function as an air duster blower for dust removal, and can also be used to suck air in a vacuum storage bag. One end of the machine is connected to the suction nozzle for vacuuming, and the other end is connected to the suction nozzle for blowing dust.

This cordless rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to carry, helping you to easily clean all places without using heavy and traditional vacuum cleaners with tangled wires. The USB vacuum adopts a dust container design and supports multiple processes of filtration to ensure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned.

This portable hand vacuum cleaner has 3 different types of attachments, which allows you to move freely and thoroughly to clean different surfaces and areas such as sofas, kitchens, offices, cars and other hard-to-reach areas. it may be the smallest of all cordless vacuums with suction of more than 4KPa.

This vacuum is equipped with a high-capacity 2000mAh lithium battery, which can be fully charged in 1.5 hours (USB charging port design). This small hand vacuum has a slim and portable design that can meet the needs of deep cleaning and dirt from the kitchen, living room to the bedroom.


Product Specification:

Color: Silver

Material: ABS

Size: 65 * 65 * 215 mm

Weight: 465g

Functions: Vacuum Cleaner

Usage Time: 20 mins

Charging Time: 1.5 hours

Battery Information: 2000mAh


Package Inclusion:

1 * Host

3 * Interchangeable Heads

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * User Manual