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Type a description for this product here... OXICRID 40% (powder) Oxytetracycline Target speciesPig and Bird Therapeutic indicationsBroiler: Prevention and treatment of avian cholera produced by Pasteurella Multocida, prevention and treatment of Enteritei Colibacilare produced by E. coli, susceptible to oxytetracycline.Swine: Prevention and treatment of enteritelor caused by E. coli, prevention and treatment pneumonei produced by M. Hyopneumoniae, susceptible to oxytetracycline. Oxytetracycline acts by inhibiting the metabolism of glutamic acid, being active, both on Gram positive and Gram negative germs, as well as Ricketsiilor, Spirochetelor, etc.It is absorbed relatively quickly, tapping in about one hour the active serum concentration.It crosses the placenta, finds itself in the pleural fluid and the cerebrospinal. ContraindicationsPigs or broilerii known to be susceptible to pxitetraciclina or any of the excipients shall not be treated.Do not administer to animals with liver, kidney or hematopoeza dysfunction. Adverse reactions If you notice serious reactions or other effects not mentioned in Acestprospect, please inform your veterinarian. Recommendations for correct administrationThe treatment consists in administering the product Oxicrid 40%, orally, individually or mass (by incorporation in feedingstuffs, or in drinking water), for 5-7 consecutive days, at different doses, depending on the species, age, body weight, physiological condition and State of health. For the treatment of the meal, through feed or drinking water, we recommend the correct calculation of the total live weight and the quantity of product to be administered, as well as the preparation of premixtures, for correct homogenization. At swine: a dose of 10-20 MG S.A./kg G.V./day and 50 mg of the product should be providedAt Broiler: a dose of 20-40 MG S.A./kg G.V./day, respectively 100 mg product Oxicrid 40%/kg G.V./day should be provided. Special warnings The use of the veterinary medicinal product must be based on the results of sensitivity tests and take into account the official and local policies relating to antimicrobial measures.The use of the product outside the SPC instructions may result in increased prevalence at oxytetracycline and may result in the effectiveness of antimicrobial treatments in tetracycline class due to cross-resistance.The ingestion of water/medicated food by animals can be performed because of the disease. In case of insufficient ingestion of medicated food/water, the treatment regimen will be reviewed. Special precautions for staff who administraza the product:The product causes skin irritation of the respiratory tract and eyes in case of inhalation or contact.Appropriate protective measures shall be taken during the production of mixtures of the product with the feed and/or when solubilizat in water.The working staff must porte gloves, goggles and mask. In case of contact with Ochiiacestia they will wash with soap and water.Do not smoke, drink or eat during handling of the product.The product should not be administered in the case of known resistance to other tetracyclines.The product will not be administered simultaneously with aluminium-based antacids, calcium, magnesium or iron and salts based on bismuth due to chelation.In the absence of the compatibility studies of the veterinary medicinal product must not be mixed with other veterinary medicinal products. Waiting timeBroiler Meat and offal: 7 daysSwine (Meat and offal): 6 days