Pack of 6 Large Capacity Mesh Nets Dirty Laundry Washing Bags

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Product Description:

These laundry bags are made of durable and reusable polyester fiber material, breathable, healthy, and clean. This mesh bag lets soap and water flow easily for optimal cleaning.

It is equipped with a strong zipper closure that can keep your delicate securely while machine washing and it also has a protective zipper cover for extra protection.

These laundry bags are designed to protect your clothes from snagging, tangling, and tearing while machine washing and drying.

It includes different sizes of laundry bags that can be used not only for washing machines but can also work as storage organizers when traveling.


Product Specification:

Color: Blue, Green, Pink

Material: Polyester

Size: Jacket- 60 x 50 cm, Dresses- 50 x 40 cm, Shirts- 40 x 30 cm, Socks- 22 x 18 cm, Bra- 15 x 17 cm, Underwear- 20 x 30 cm

Weight: 400g

Function: Laundry Bags


Package Inclusion:

6 x Laundry Bags