Pug Time Gem Keychain

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Introducing the Pug Time Gem Keychain – a delightful accessory that combines whimsy with elegance. This exquisite keychain features a meticulously crafted gemstone, elegantly encapsulated within a durable, high-quality metal setting, showcasing an adorable pug design that captures the heartwarming charm of this beloved breed. Perfect for dog lovers and enthusiasts of unique accessories, the Pug Time Gem Keychain serves as a stylish and functional piece, ensuring your keys are always within reach. Its robust construction guarantees longevity, while the intricate pug detail expresses your affection for these endearing animals. Whether as a gift for a fellow pug admirer or a personal treat, this keychain is a charming addition to any collection, promising to bring a smile every time you reach for your keys.

Pendant material: metal