Puncture Proof Safety Shoes for Men

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Introducing our Puncture-Proof Safety Shoes for Men – the ultimate footwear solution for your demanding work environment. These high-performance work safety boots are designed to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your toughest tasks. Puncture-Proof Protection, Breathable Comfort, Durable Construction, All-Day Support, and Sneaker-Style Appeal. Choose our Puncture-Proof Safety Shoes for Men and experience the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and style for your construction and working needs. Your feet deserve the best protection.




Size 34 = foot length 220mm
Size 35 = foot length 225mm
Size 36 = foot length 230mm
Size 37 = foot length 235mm
Size 38 = foot length 240mm
Size 39 = foot length 245mm
Size 40 = foot length 250mm
Size 41 = foot length 255mm
Size 42 = foot length 260mm
Size 43 = foot length 265mm
Size 44 = foot length 270mm
Size 45 = foot length 275mm
Size 46 = foot length 280mm
Size 47 = foot length 285mm
Size 48 = foot length 290mm
Size 49 = foot length 295mm
Size 50 = foot length 300mm