SafePet Wireless Fence

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Introducing our Wireless Dog Fence System:

Our wireless dog fence system utilizes radio waves, replacing physical barriers to establish a circular boundary around the transmitter, effectively containing your pet safely within. This system aids in fostering your pet's adherence to designated areas, fostering cleanliness in your home and its surroundings. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor dog training endeavors.

Experience Automatic Dog Training:

The transmitter emits benign radio signals within its designated range, promptly detected by the collar. Upon nearing or breaching the signal boundary, the receiver issues an initial sound warning, succeeded by safe static stimulation until the dog retreats within the boundary. Over time, your pet familiarizes itself with the presence of the fence boundary, halting upon the warning signal.

Enjoy Adjustable Boundary Range and Vibration Levels:

Tailor the boundary radius with four adjustable levels, extending up to 200 meters, catering to diverse indoor and outdoor environments. With adjustable shock intensity levels ranging from 0 to 8, easily adapt the stimulation level to meet your preferences.

Benefit from an Adjustable Collar and Waterproof Receiver:

The adjustable collar ensures a comfortable fit for dogs of varying sizes, from small to large breeds. Each transmitter can be paired with multiple collar receivers. The IP68 waterproof rating of the receiver guarantees reliable functionality, even in inclement weather conditions. Ensure proper sealing of the charging port before your pet engages in water activities.


- Origin: Mainland China
- Type: Collars
- Material: Plastic
- Smart Device: No
- Material Composition: ABS plastic (transmitter, receiver), TPU (collar)
- Power Adapter: Australian Standard
- Color: Black
- Remote Transmission Distance: 200m/656ft
- Shock Resistance Level: 0-8 Adjustable Levels
- Transmission Intensity Level: Adjustable from 1 to 4 Levels
- Handle Waterproof Rating: IP68