Smart Voltage Detector Set

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Unleash the Power of Precision with Our Smart Voltage Detector Set!

🔋 Battery: LR41 x 3 (Included)
📏 Size: 140x20mm/5.51x0.79in
🛠️ Bit Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
🛡️ Shell Material: ABS
🌐 Measuring Range: 70-250V

1️⃣ High Hardness, Excellent Electrical Conductivity
2️⃣ Perfect for Electrical Measurement and Screwdriver Assistance
3️⃣ Humanized Clip Design for Easy Maintenance On-the-Go
4️⃣ Fully Insulated, Durable, and Enhanced Safety Performance
5️⃣ Self-Checking LED Bulbs for High Visibility, Even in Sunlight

Versatile Uses:
🏭 Electronic Factories
🏠 Household Repairs
🚗 Car Maintenance
⚡ Electrical Appliances

1️⃣ Neutral/Live Line Detection: LED lights indicate live (red) and neutral (green) lines
2️⃣ Line Continuity Detection: Lit LED means the line is unblocked, while no light means disconnection
3️⃣ Wire Switch: Illuminate indicates intact plug and inner wire core, ensuring reliable connections

Experience the perfect blend of fun and professionalism in electrical maintenance. Get yours now and make every task a breeze!"