Stress Relief Animal Toy Figure Stretchable Decompression Toy Pig

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Product Description:

This pig toy is made of high-quality materials, with elastic feet and a comfortable touch. When pressed or pulled, the original shape will be restored and it will not be damaged.

This stress relief toy has bright colors, easy to clean, and convenient to use. It is light in weight so you can bring it anywhere with you, perfect for travel and office use.

This is a good way for kids to calm themselves no matter where they are and when provides energy when used by adults, helps them focus, and keeps their hands still.

This flexible animal toy can be shared with your family and friends who are having a hard time managing their emotions and is a good item to give as a gift.



Product Specification:

Color: Pink

Material: TPR, Sand

Size: 15 x 14 cm

Weight: 450g

Function: Decompression Toy



Package Inclusion:

1 x Decompression Toy