SYNULOX inj. 100ml Target species: cattle, swine, dogs, cats

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Active substances: amoxicillin + clavulanic acid

Target species: cattle, swine, dogs, cats

Indications: in the treatment of a wide range of pathological conditions in cattle, swine, dogs, cats
- respiratory infections (including bacterial pneumonia associated with Haemophillus and Pasteurella)
- coliform diarrhea
- infections of the skin and soft tissues (such as those produced by Staphylococcus intermedius pyoderma in dogs and joint/umbilical diseases in sheep)
- urinary tract infections in cats and dogs
- metritis; - mastitis
- MMA (Mammitis-Metritis-Agalaxia Syndrome)
- infections of the oral cavity

Presentation: multidose glass vials of 100ml

Method of administration and dosage:
- intramuscularly or subcutaneously in dogs and cats
- intramuscularly in cattle and swine
- the dose is 8.75 mg/kg body weight with repetition at 24 hours, for 3-5 days (1 ml suspension/20kg body weight)
- shake the bottle well before use
Contraindications and precautions:
It should not be administered to penicillin-sensitive animals or small herbivores, such as rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters
The use of the product can sometimes cause the appearance of local tissue reactions
Do not administer intravenously

Withdrawal period
- Milk 48 hours
- Meat and offal: swine 19 days cattle 28 days