Tactical High Power Pen

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Introducing the Avenger Defense Self-Defense Pen, a compact yet formidable tool designed to provide discreet protection with unparalleled power. Despite its sleek and lightweight design reminiscent of a standard pen, this device surpasses many mini stun gun models available. Simply test-firing the shock pen into the air can often suffice to deter potential attackers, offering peace of mind in uncertain situations. Engineered with the safety of women in mind, its compact size enables effortless concealment in a backpack, purse, or pocket, ensuring ready access to reliable self-defense whenever needed. Equipped with a built-in plug for convenient charging, the high-quality internal battery of the Avenger Defense stun gun is fully rechargeable, eliminating the need for costly battery replacements. With a remarkable battery life lasting 30-45 days on a single charge, this self-defense pen stands as a steadfast guardian against potential threats, providing a sense of security that remains unwavering.


G.W.: 90g
Function: LED Light, Electric Shock
Power display
Charger: USB
Material: Stainless steel