Two Finger Art Glove

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Introducing the 1Pcs Palm Rejection Digital Art Glove with Two Fingers, specially designed for drawing tablets, sketching displays, art painting, iPad pencil, and graphics work.

Key Features:

Enhanced Drawing Experience: The two-finger design of these drawing gloves significantly improves interface interaction by removing friction between your hand and the tablet surface. This allows for smooth gliding over the screen, making it perfect for sketching, inking, coloring, and digital drawing on graphics tablets.

Comfortable Material: Crafted from soft and elastic lycra, this art glove is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The material is stretchy, ensuring a snug fit on the hand without causing discomfort. It is suitable for both left and right hands, providing flexibility for artists.

Extra Padding: The drawing artist glove is equipped with extra padding that offers increased wear resistance. The padding is thick enough to prevent smudges, unexpected palm touches, and fingerprints on capacitive touch screens, ensuring a clean and precise drawing experience.

High-Quality Construction: Made with high-quality materials, these palm rejection gloves not only reduce smudging in traditional sketching and painting but also prevent palm detection on tablet screens. This is particularly useful when drawing on graphics monitors, tablets, or iPads.

Upgrade your drawing experience with the 1Pcs Palm Rejection Digital Art Glove, designed to provide comfort, precision, and improved interaction with your drawing devices.