TILOZINA 20% 100ml Broad spectrum antimicrobial for Cattle , swine , sheep , dog, cat

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Solution for injection;
Broad-spectrum antimicrobial.

Active substance: Thilosin tartrate 20 g/100 ml.
Excipients (benzyl alcohol, propylene glycol) ad. 100 ml.

The active substance, thilosin, is an antibiotic from the group of macrolides. It has a remarkable germicidal action on mycoplasmas, but also on Gram-positive germs, Gram-negative germs and spirochetes.
In dairy cows the product is recommended in the general treatment of mastitis because, after parenteral administration, the levels of antibiotic in milk are 5 times higher than normal serum ones.TARGET SPECIES
Cattle, swine, sheep, goats, adult chickens, dogs and cats.

In respiratory infections, genitourinary, in otitis, secondary infections associated with viral diseases or in postoperative infections.
• in birds: in the treatment of chronic respiratory disease,
• in calves: in the treatment of lung diseases caused by mycoplasmas and in bacterial pneumonias;
• in cattle: in metrites, mastitis and respiratory infections;
• in swine: in dysentery and enzootic pneumonia;
• in sheep and goats: in agalaxis and pleuropneumonia;
• In dogs and cats: in leptospirosis.

Do not use in puppies and turkeys.
Do not mix with other solutions as it may precipitate the active substance.

At the inoculation site, a local reaction may occur, which is resolved by massage and compresses with cold water.METHOD OF ADMINISTRATION
It is administered intramuscularly in the following doses:
• cattle: 0.25-0.5 ml TYLAVET (50-100 mg s.a./)/10 kg body weight, daily, for 3-5 days;
• swine: 0.25-0.5 ml TYLAVET (50-100 mg s.a)/10 kg body weight, daily, for 3-5 days;
• sheep and goats: 0.5 ml TYLAVET (100 mg s.a)/10 kg body weight, daily, for 3-5 days;
• dogs and cats: 0.025 ml TYLAVET (5 mg s.a)/kg body weight, daily, for 3-5 days;
• adult hens: 0.05 ml TYLAVET (10 mg s.a)/kg body weight; a single treatment can often be effective.

To avoid the appearance of nodules, do not inject more than 10 ml in one place in cattle and 5 ml in pigs.

Meat: 8 days (cattle, swine, sheep and goats); 5 days (adult chickens) from the last treatment;
In animals for milk production: 4 days after the last treatment;
Eggs: 7 days after the last treatment;

Phials with 100 ml.