ZOOACTIV- Dimpilat 150mg External antiparasitic against Flies, lice, flea, mites for Ovine

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Type a description for this product here... DECLARATION OF ACTIVE SUBSTANCES AND OTHER SUBSTANCES 1 ml contains: Active substance: 150 mg dimpilate. Indications Treatment of infestations with musts larvae (skin myoases and myoases of skin wounds), produced by Lucilla spp, Phormia spp, Calliphora spp, Melophagus Ovinus); Treatment of lice infestations (Bovicola spp, Linognathus spp, Damalign spp); Treatment of ticks infestations (Ixodes ricinus); Treatment of infestations with mites (Psoroptes avis, Chorioptes bovis, Sarcoptes Scabiei) TARGET SPECIES Sheep MODE AND ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION The product is administered externally by bathing or sprinkler. The amount of product required will be mixed initially with a smaller amount of water (premixture), then bring to the necessary volume of solution with the rest of the water. BathingPrepare a solution of 250 mg dimpilate/L of water, equivalent to 20 ml produced at 12 l of water. Supplementing the ball is made with 750 mg dimpilate/L water equivalent to 60 ml of product/12 L of water. AccessoriesPrepare a solution of 625 mg dimpilate/L of water, equivalent to 50 ml of product/12 L water. For infestations with mites it is recommended that the emulsion thoroughly wet the skin of the animal. The product will be applied including in the ears. For ticks infestations It is recommended to treat sheep in the spring. Contraindications Do not use in sick, convalescent, weakened, depleted or dehydrated animals. Do not use on open wounds or lesions. Do not use in animals less than 4 weeks of age. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity known to the active substance or to any of the excipients. ADVERSE REACTIONS Reactions of cutaneous hypersensitivity may occur occasionally. If you notice any adverse reaction, even those that are not already included in this leaflet or believe that the medicine has not taken effect, please inform your veterinarian. WAITING TIME: Meat and offal: 15 days Milk: The use in animals producing milk for human consumption is not authorised. SPECIAL STORAGE PRECAUTIONS Do not leave the sight and reach of children.This veterinary medicinal product does not require any special storage conditions. Shelf life after first opening of the primary packaging: 6 months. Shelf life after dilution according to indications: 6 hours. Special precautions for use Special precautions for use take animals The animals will not be treated immediately after feeding. No sheep will be treated less than two weeks after trimming. Do not treat sheep in bad weather or when they are weathering, hot or cold, or if the sheep's wool is wet. The animals should rest for 2-3 hours before treatment. You must make sure that the animals do not swallow or inhale the emulsion.